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Clickbank Affiliate? Watch Your Traffic Convert 1:25 On Average And Earning 70% Per Sign Up.
"Mark, as you know, I loved your product and decided to promote it as well. I've only tried it for a few days on overture and select Google content. Many of the keywords you gave have been IMPRESSIVELY PROFITABLE. This one looks like it'll be a very promising campaign!"

- Justin Parker, super affiliate & SEO consultant from WebUpdatePro.com

It's simple, you promote us on the internet by posting ads, using Google advertising, or email lists. We give you 70% of $37 or $49 (upgraded offer). You get paid by check every 2 weeks by #1 trusted marketplace Clickbank.

Our product SELLS VERY WELL because it teaches proven material backed by years of research and practice, many found no where else. Conversions average 1:19 on most keywords. We always strive to maintain VERY LOW REFUNDS through unparalleled customer support.

* Our best affiliates earn over $10,500 REVENUE every week.

Why Promote Us? Three Simple Reasons...

1. Proven conversions (see the screenshots of undeniable proof below) ... yes, one of the best-selling products in this market PERIOD.

2. A solid commitment to very low refunds, outstanding customer service to ensure our members are happy, getting the BEST value of our product & membership possible. You won't have to worry.

3. We genuinely do care to see you succeed. Just ask us for help anytime! We even TEST things out before giving them to you as shown below, so it's hard for you to lose money promoting us.


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(If you don't understand the following, then go far below to the "other methods")


Yes. This converts on Google traffic quite easily....


Highest Conversions Consistently Averaging 1:25 ... It's very clear that anyone can profit handsomely if you apply these. You do NOT even need a website. You can use pay-per-click advertising, post on forums, or even buy social anxiety or shyness-related site banners.


Use the following for your Google, Yahoo, or MSN advertising or on search engine optimized pages. Each of these have produced conversions in our beta test. Some are of course stronger than others, so do test it out in your own case. By using proven keywords, affiliates can avoid crash and burn when first starting.

Affiliate Testimonial

"Mark and his team really care for the affiliates here. He has gone out of his way to help me out. I really appreciated that, plus this program has been an awesome money maker for me!"

- Sandy Greenburg, affiliate being asked for her opinion on promoting this program

REMEMBER .... After using these, you should expand to more "hidden" keywords ... and keep those your secret for serious profits. Also, remember to expand outside of Google as MSN, Yahoo, or smaller search engines may have little competition for you to make a small fortune.

Our team will update this page as much as possible to PROVE what's working on our beta tests.


NOTE: Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to place your Google or Overture or MSN conversion tracking code inside.

Our team is here to make sure YOU make good money - unlike many other affiliate programs. Email me with "Affiliate" as the subjectline: Email us here

We're always there to help you EVEN if you're somehow struggling. Rest assured, it's unlikely if you apply the tools we've just given you! So do take advantage of this aid.

** High Volume Super Affiliates: We'll even work with you on creating your own customized landing pages if need be to optimize your profits. Email us to discuss.


* Other Hidden Tricks To Easy Profits:
How to use a Text Link:
<a href="
http://www.conversationfire.com/shyness/special.php?hop=YOURID">Discover The Hidden Secrets To Cure Social Anxiety Or Shyness</a>

* Be sure to replace "YOURID" with you unique Clickbank nickname *

This is FANTASTIC in forums or blogs that allow HTML!


Post in blogs, write reviews and articles and post to ezines:

1) A good idea is to make a free blog at Blogger.com. Post your recommendation of this membership on the blog with your affiliate link. After that, "Ping" your blog at Pingomatic.com, And then the search engines will catch onto it and pick it up.

2) If you own a website and collect emails of your subscribers that opted in to receive updates and newsletters from you, be sure to send them an email with your ConversationFire.com affiliate ID as a recommendation. *NOTE - We do not tolerate spamming in any way (Emailing random people is a serious offense and if so you will be removed from our tracking.)

3) Every few weeks, be sure to post a press release of your recommendation for ConversationFire.com at PRweb.com, Again, MAKE SURE to include your affiliate link. Most press release websites are free, but if you pay PR WEB $80, they guarantee to have your page picked up by all the major search engines, potentially bringing you a surge of income that pays for itself over and over.



*** NOTE: Currently, you may freely use ANY of our images or text to use for promotional purposes only.



HIDDEN LUCRATIVE TACTIC: Do you have a social anxiety or shyness-related email list / ezine?

You can easily make an easy few hundred by a simple email promotion with your affiliate link or an email solo ad. Our site simply converts that well on this market - try it now!


Your Income Potential is Seriously Unlimited...

Imagine .... If you average 3 sales a day, that's a consistent $95 in commissions per day, which is not difficult at all to achieve.

Now imagine .... If you're doing 25 sales a day (some of our advanced affiliates do this easy), that's a solid $825 cash for you EVERY DAY equaling $301,125 annual income. Simply run the best ads and forget it auto-pilot. 


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** Once again, if you have ANY questions or have a suggestion, please email us at:

Email us here



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