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"Love Your System"

Hello, i love your conversation system. Its been about a week since i have got it.

- Anthony M.









"About 8 Days .... Make Friends On The Fly ...."

I've been using it for about 8 days now..... this has been a total shocker, I'm finally free and able to make friends on the fly ... compare that to 2 weeks ago!

- A. B.




"Discover Exactly How To Make Yourself Incredibly Magnetic, Desirable, & Loved By Anyone In As Little As 7 Days Without Fail"

How to know exactly what to say in any situation ... charisma even if you're socially inept or have always been extremely shy.

 June 27, 2022 11:08 AM   

Dear Friend,

Wouldn't you feel powerful to have exceptional social skills? Can you imagine the endless possibilities ...

 ... admiration, successful leadership, or sex appeal?

(un-edited testimonials)

"Dramatically Changed My Social Life... Charming Presence ... Anywhere I Go"


i want to write and tell you that your system and techniques have dramatically changed my social life even in the last month. This is nothign short of amazing. i can create a charming presence on the entire social circle anywhere i go, and mad popularity/admiration never hurts :)

i'm very grateful that i found this and i wouldn't give up this knowledge for anything.

i also realized how relating to others to key to happiness. i didn't believe it at first but i see it more and more daily. i'll continue to tell you how it all goes, thanks a ton for the email & help!


justin p. , Los Angeles, CA


My name is Mark Samet. I've been through a long and interesting self development journey. Six years ago, I was literally the "social moron" who couldn't even look people in the eye without feeling nerve-racked about accidentally saying the wrong thing. I struggled to some degree in almost all social situations even if it was at lunch with my own co-workers.

I've always wanted to bring more love and friends into my life, and I thought they'd just magically come to me since I was a "good guy". I was always astonished by people who could naturally charm the crowd and attract key people into their lives.

They always seemed to have what I wanted most ..... SOCIAL HAPPINESS.

I also envied those who could naturally captivate the opposite sex without a hint of that painful struggle. I always thought these people were just born with it.

I just wasn't gifted with it, or so I thought...

 ....  it was the FATAL mistake that I didn't even realize ....

I had tried a few home courses for gaining better social skills and confidence. Most of the material was purely "technique driven" and hardly improved my inner state. This became extremely frustrating because it was like giving me all these tools, yet never teaching me how to master them in use.

In early 2001, I asked my friend Brian, who works as a hypnotherapist, about my situation. It didn't take us long to figure out that much of it came from my core limiting mindset and its devastating ramifications.

In the coming months, I decided to go through major inner therapy with him. Coupled with another mentor's help on pushing my boundaries, I was eventually able to do what I once thought was impossible - develop not just good ... but AWESOME communication skills. That, in itself, was a miracle for a guy like me. 

You Don't Have To Feel The Pain Of Social Inadequacy Ever Again.

Let's be honest for a moment....

It HURTS when it feels like you're boring people around you, like they can just IGNORE you without care.

It can be TERRIFYING to enter a major confrontation or public performance without powerful confidence.

It SUCKS to have social (and maybe even romantic) opportunities ROBBED all the time by your own self talk and mental excuses!

... I tried everything to finally uncover the "magic pill"....

Ever wonder why some people who are neither talented nor physically attractive seem to have that spark? They effortlessly draw people like light does to fireflies.

Does that sound like something you want? Or perhaps you're already good at this, and are seeking to take this to the NEXT LEVEL?


Limited  "Unstoppable Charm Report" - Get this FREE Email Mini-Course which includes the following:

- Unlock 3 secrets to inventing funny and engaging small talk on the fly.

- Try these 2 shocking tricks to literally eliminate shyness or social anxiety at any moment

-Why this ONE common thing we all do HINDERS our communication and how to STOP it.

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See what others are saying about the Conversation Fire method below here..... and yes, you are welcome to record a message as well - it's all real, live, and on display - nothing to hide!


(un-edited testimonials)

"Love Your Conversation Fire System"

Hello, i love your conversation fire system. Its been about a week since i have got it.

- Anthony M.



Discover for yourself step-by-step:

See the 3 HIDDEN tools to creating an OUTSTANDING first impression on virtually ANYONE. I've found that EVEN naturally gifted conversationalists miss these!

Hear 30 totally unique, FAIL-SAFE conversation starters & topics to make friends or attract the opposite sex. These are just brilliant and can be used virtually ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. You'll be surprised to discover what TRULY makes people LIKE YOU.

Ever wonder why some people don't connect with you even if you try for rapport? Here's the second alarming truth about "rapport" conversation & why 99% of people have this DEAD wrong STILL.

DISCOVER 6 secret techniques to ENSURE you'll never be tongue-tied ever again! Use one of these to make ENGAGING conversation at any moment with EASE. Break the ice every time.

Hear 3 shocking tricks that eliminate social anxiety or shyness on the spot - when you need it the most! This is so potent that you'll want to use it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

5 visualization and internal exercises that will BANISH shyness from you FOREVER. You will feel results within seconds and you WILL have permanent changes in DAYS. This has been used by top hypnotherapists on their clients and it's always PROVEN to work without a shadow of a doubt.

See 3 body language secrets that will increase your communication clearness and persuasiveness by 300%. People will find it HARD to ignore you. These are not even told in those body language books.

STOP 6 "dangerous" everyday habits that are hindering you from peak social success & how to turn this around IMMEDIATELY so you'll never fall prey to them again.

The age-old question of what exactly "charm" or "charisma" is? Here's a breakthrough new explanation that completely dominates any vague theory about "making people feel better about themselves" ... because there's a WHOLE lot more to it that you'll discover instantly.

Uncover 5 Step-by-step case studies of why some people attract wealth, love, and happiness while others just never get it, no matter what they do. You'll NEVER be lonely ever again if you apply this.

Do you suffer from a social phobia or an extreme fear that seems to deter your communication? I've seen a lot and here's the RAW TRUTH, and step-by-step of exactly what to do ...

NEVER WORRY about "small talk" ever again. Here's how to build "wide rapport" with a new friend so that this person will feel an INSTANT connection with you, regardless of culture, age, or even mood.

3 vital steps to build "deep rapport" for creating a sense of PROFOUND TRUST in anyone you meet. This secret is PRICELESS - you will be amazed by the way people want to be around you after this.

How to engage anyone in an intelligent, powerful conversation so that they will REMEMBER you, no matter how famous, wealthy, or powerful they are. This has been used by the advisors of kings and political leaders for ages.

AVOID 5 fatal mistakes that people make so that they never feel genuine love from others. Know these and reverse them to take control of your life. I never looked back after this MIRACULOUS FIX.

Immediately ANNIHILATE SOCIAL DISCOMFORT or any fear of being judged in any social situation. Your life will take off if you can achieve this and I'll show you EXACTLY what I did!

The REALITY on how to be GENUINELY INTERESTED in whomever you are speaking with. Sounds impossible huh? I'll reveal why this skill is actually more important than being interesting!

Silent awkwardness? UNLOCK 4 tactics to relax a group of awkward people or social situation instantly so that people will LOVE you for how fun you are to be around. This works at parties, business meetings, and even the family dinner table!

Just can't seem to vibe with someone? Here's a genius sure-fire way to get to the core of them because this plays a little used primal human principle. They will open up to you on the spot and may even thank you later!

Control group dynamics and read people's vibes with each other. This is a powerful skill especially if you are managing a professional team or even a family.

Use the "Riveting Actor" technique that can supercharge your mood in 5 seconds so that you can always present yourself in the way you desire to be perceived. You'll realize why it's quite handy in many life situations if you don't already :)

The "Prime Zone" secret that will ROCKET your confidence & OBLITERATE your nervousness at the same time so that you will perform at your peak at the most demanding moments. This will transform your public speaking or presentation skills for DAZZLING IMPRESSIONS. 

Learn how to build a social circle of true, genuine friends within days! This goes beyond the conversation secrets and into who you are on mental & emotional levels. DO NOT neglect this!

The REAL KEY to "GREATNESS". Unlock 2 important realizations about yourself that will forever change the way you perceive the world. Almost nothing in the manual is as important as these two revelations.

Create the ONE emotion that is ideal for ending a GREAT conversation .... and happy or fun should not even be the exact description and I'll reveal to you why. The other person will want to talk to you more!

ACE any job or promotional interview .... this will give you the EDGE over all those other applicants and it starts the tone right for career advancement FAST. Do it wrong and you'll have a hard time getting out of the hole.

Done wrong with someone? Here's my 6-step formula to being able to apologize successfully and communicate so that they are attentive and extremely CURIOUS to listen to you again. Then, how to connect with them on an even DEEPER level for a STRONGER, HAPPIER relationship than you ever thought possible.

Uncover 5 killer advanced tactics to handle difficult people or groups of them who may actually want to give you a hard time. These are NUCLEAR MISSILES in debates, arguments, or conflict situations. You will always feel POWERFUL & SECURE.

How to make side income through superior communication skills. I'm going to outline 14 different ways that I've found you can make GREAT money using what I show you. You'll make your investment back and FAR more in no time!

See the "Zoom Out" method that will make you ultra-quick at thinking and cause you to completely stand out of the crowd. This technique is so PRICELESS that it's almost magical! It even works so you'll NEVER "freeze up" or run dry on a date ever again!

Constantly need interesting, funny, or exciting conversation content? Hear the "Hobby Routine" story that gives you a DRAMATIC edge in any social setting. You never know when you'll need this seriously.

Gracefully change and CONTROL any conversation in your favor in ANY situation. Charms even the roughest, most stressful situations ... work a party like a politician!

Take advantage of every single social situation for business networking, sales, or just gaining a solid reputation at any event, seminar, or dinner table. You'll hardly feel ROBBED of opportunity ever again.

Update: Master conversation and rapport skills exclusive to new technological mediums including the internet, AIM & MSN messengers, and social networks! You'll soon realize why it's more important than ever so take advantage now.

Unravel my final secret weapon: the "Imaginary D. Process". This prepares you for any social pressure, whether internal or external GUARANTEED. I have yet to see one exception to this POWERHOUSE.

(un-edited testimonials)

Wow. just wow .... your methods have given me far more self confidence, an outstanding sense of humor, and killer persuasion skills. I really could not ask for more!

- Jessie  




or just be the "life of the party", if you so wish :P



It doesn't matter if you're socially inept or if you're already considered "charming", these techniques WILL ROCKET your self esteem to exceptional success.

(un-edited testimonials)

"Very Different From Most ... Pure Gold"

Very different from most self development systems that I've read. The exercises are just pure gold to know .... I've never felt so great about myself and the way others perceive me just keeps getting better. major difference from my old self no kidding. I highly recommend this to anyone. This is THE shortcut to genuine charisma.

- Jon Faibvre



( Ask yourself )

... you only have so many DAYS in your life, isn't it time you took FULL CONTROL?

Life is short, let's admit that.

Aren't your friendships, romantic relationships, and professional success WORTH IT?


A great mentor of mine once said ...

.... Only a fool constantly passes up opportunities until he or she realizes that it's too late....


8-Week Unconditional Risk Free Guarantee

Take 8 FULL weeks with ZERO RISK and try my "Conversation Fire System" plus members section. You will see REAL results within 3 minutes of some exercises. I am so confident that it will truly transform life and communication skills, that if for ANY REASON, you are not satisfied with outstanding results, then please write me an email and I'll promptly REFUND EVERY RED CENT.


My Motto: I ONLY Want 100% Satisfied Customers.



... but wait, I have another set of gifts for you just for trying my "Conversation Fire" System in the members section:   

** 2 Mega Bonus Gifts FREE For The Next 27:

The next 27 members to join will also receive the following valuable bonus items absolutely free of charge. We're selling these items separately in the very near future, but as part of our goal to collect more testimonials, only the next 27 customers will get these for free....


** Bonus #1:

"The Charisma Quotient" eCourse:


Value $49.99

Get This FREE for a limited time with the "Conversation Fire System" & membership.

- Learn of your personal Charisma Quotient and why this is extremely important beyond just social and presentation skills

- How peak performance experts can double one's personal magnetism. This is a HIDDEN KEY to world-class LEADERSHIP and what CEOs pay thousands to learn.

-The exact "self talk" tactics that will rocket your success in any endeavor!

(Normally Sells For $49.99  - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)


** Bonus #2: Premier Membership & Future Updates

Value $150.00

- Free future updates on new editions of the Conversation Fire System & all future promotional bonuses over time! There will be a lot more coming very soon.

(Normally Sells For $150.00  - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)

Oh, did you know that ....

Very successful men and women regularly pay THOUSANDS for peak performance coaching (in fact, I did that for hypnotherapy & inner work) in this area, but I can offer this incredible deal because it's from my own experience. I'm not a professional consultant or anyone to charge exorbitant fees.

I'll bet you "they" PRAY that you'll never uncover these powerful, easy-to-use methods at such a bargain.

My entire package goes for only $99.95 and like I say, some of these secrets are GOLD NUGGETS that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, I offer 100% FREE future updates & PERSONAL support to this INSTANTLY downloadable package with whatever else I learn along the way. I want this product to be of SUPERB LIFETIME VALUE, worth every penny of your investment.


Now, obviously you came here to dramatically sharpen your communication skills, too - yes?

Everyone else did.

And I'm sure you see the SENSE in making a small investment of $99.95 for a FAIL-SAFE system that's GUARANTEED to transform your life - yes?

Of course you would.

Then don't wait. Take action. ORDER NOW and become that powerful person you were meant to be.

( UPDATE: Audios now in mp3 format for instant listening! )

Regular Price: $99.95

Discount Price: $67.00


(One time fee - Premier Unlimited Membership)

NOTE: This launch offer is used to gather positive testimonials.
 This price WILL go up anytime once I have enough.

Payments are accepted through Paypal encrypted and secure processor for all major credit cards, eCheck, or your Paypal funds. You will be directed to the download area & unlimited members section immediately after entering billing information to try your copy of the "Conversation Fire System". Just click the "Paypal Checkout" below to proceed with simple step-by-step instructions.

[ 100% Discreet Ordering - Your Privacy Is Our Highest Concern ]

If you have any questions & concerns whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Truly & Talk To You Soon,

Mark Samet

P.S. I'll share everything that I've discovered about truly powerful communication skills. Although I give you 8 full weeks, I know you can use these techniques and see results within minutes literally. Don't forget that this offer is TRULY RISK FREE - if you're happy for any reason, YOU DON'T PAY PERIOD. Try it today with the time-sensitive launch price!

P.P.S. For the promotional launch, I'm also throwing in yet another exclusive, bonus interview audio valued at $79.95 for FREE. I'm positive you're going to love this! Don't later REGRET missing out on this one.

* Frequent Asked Question:  Why am I revealing all of this? Because I want to teach and earn from my years of experience (at least I'm being upfront and honest with you).

Furthermore, I genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed due to my efforts. I LOVE collecting 100% satisfied testimonials. So remember, I look forward to YOUR testimonial - even if you're not impressed, for some odd reason, tell me because I'm here to listen and improve!

* Now let me ask you .... is this the day you decide to improve your future? Or is it just another day passed?   The choice is yours. Download your copy & get a premier membership today.



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